Šifra proizvoda:

Proizvođač: Samsmoon

Šifra proizvoda:

Proizvođač: Samsmoon


Large-scale integrated glue tank, suitable for large-scale glue binding, and the coated paper will not fall

Suitable for adhesive bound A3 / A4 / B5 and other brochures
Meet the binding of conventional size booklets;The trolley adopts a two-way double screw rods clamping structure,which is not deformed or twisted during clamping,and is durable.

24 teeth tungsten steel sun cutter + tungsten steel small miller cutter
High-power milling motor,milling spine clear,uniform slotting,ensuring glue space,and firmer glue binding.

7 inch Intelligent touch screen control
The operation is simple and fast, including intelligent detection, photoelectric induction, and fault code prompt function, which is convenient for troubleshooting of the machine.

Integrated glue tank design
Double roller wheels and side roller wheels structure,firstly apply the grooved spine glue to ensure that the glue penetrates into the inner grooved space. After passing through the side glue wheels,the spine glue is applied again.The glue layer will be fuller and firmer.

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Max. Dužina poveza


Max. debljina poveza


Vrijeme topljenja ljepila

45 minuta

Brzina povezivanja

300 knjiga/sat


Sunčevo glodalo sa 24 zuba + duplo glodalo

Valjak za ljepilo

Ljepilo za proreze + Pojedinačno ljepilo + Bočno ljepilo

Način rada

Brzi način + Standardni način

Vakumska struktura

Rotirajuće usisna struktura vjetrokotaca

Metoda povezivanja

ručni i automatski + brzi način rada


7-inčni ekran osetljiv na dodir

Podešavanje ugla

Ručni klasični način rada