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Artis proV6 A5 mini uv printer

Šifra proizvoda:

Proizvođač: artisJet

Šifra proizvoda:

Proizvođač: artisJet

Artis proV6 A5 mini uv printer

  • (1) Flash On Ink Firing SystemIntelligently powered by artisJet’s FOIF system, the artis 5000U uv printer electronically activates the UV LEDs when firing ink only. As a result the life time of the printhead and the UV LEDs is maximized. FOIF also protects the entire ink system including the ink pump, the wiper, the damper, and the cap tops.
  • (2) Cartridges Continuous Ink Supply SystemThis system allows for 100% utilization of available ink. Refillable ink systems for economical printing.
  • (3) Full Panoramic view of the print windowUnique design ensuring a better visibility of the output. Ideal for space constraints workplaces.
  • (4) Green air purification systemReduces the smell and boasting with the air purification and the particle collection system.
  • (5) Control On Demand SystemDesigned for an enhanced flexibility and simplicity, artisJet COD digitally controls the operation of the LED UV system. It automatically adapts to different materials and working environments. COD controls the UV Curing model(Bi-directional, Uni-directional). This will result in delivering and optimal printing quality and drying time.
  • (6) Built-in Liquid UV Cooling SystemDesigned for operational extra safety and simplicity, this system is built on a digital industrial chilling system. It recycles 300ml of an industrial cooling liquid. The liquid level is visible and refillable on demand to avoid the wearout of the UV LEDs.
  • (7) Automatic Printhead Height AdjustmentEquiped with sensors to automatically adjust head height and reduce print head strikes.
  • (8) Easy Maintenance Kit in one drawer accessibility

Additional information


Veličina printanja

A5, 200*150mm


Do 50mm(1.96 in)

Print mod

Color + White,
Full Color Pure White only

Print Head

Epson DX7 on demand micro-PieZo




AC110V-240V±10% 0.5kVA


Do 720*2880dpi


USB 2.0 / USB 3.0

Operativni sistem

Windows xp / win7 / win8 / win10