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artis 3000U Pro-6

Šifra proizvoda:

Proizvođač: artisJet

Šifra proizvoda:

Proizvođač: artisJet

artis 3000U Pro-6

Automatic One Click height measurement
Maximizing the UV power yet extending the printer head life
Applied Convex UV lens design, to maximize the power of the UV yet avoid damage to the printer head from light spray.
Applied Close-Loop electronic control system in Y axis, keeping the step accuracy within 1um.

Easy job management yet powerful functions. Set your print copies, print results, RIP at one click.
One-click printing is extremely convenient to use, Do not need cumbersome operation, upload a good picture, the need to print the items placed on the printing plateform, start to print. Support API on demand(Cloud printing systems) and multiple tasks on queue.

Additional information

Print speed

A4 size @2880*720dpi
Unidirection – 460seconds
Bidirection – 245 seconds

Printing technology

UV LED (Built in water cooling)

Ink Channel options

6 Color head(CMYK+WW)
8 Color head(CMYK+WWWW) / (CMYK+WW+VV)


AD materials, signage, awards printing, small packaging, gift boxes, corporate gifts, promotional items, gadgets and smartphone accessories etc.

Media Size

B3, 380*670mm (14.96 x 26.37 in)

Media Thickness

Up to 170mm(6.69 in)
Customization available

Rotary Print

On Demand artisJet ROT 360 degrees device

Printing Size

B3, 360 x 500 mm (14.17 x 19.68 in)

Printing modes

4 pass, 8 pass, 16 pass

Print Resolution

Up to 720 x 2880 dpi

Print Head

Epson DX7 on demand micro-PieZo


20Kg, Shipping 146 Kg

Depth x Width x Height

Printer 940 x 840 x 540 mm (37 x 33.07 x 21.25 in),
Shipping 1040 x 1040 x 720 mm (40.94 x 40.94 x 28.34 in)

Power consumption and requirements

~75W, Input voltage (auto ranging) 110V/220V 50 – 60 HZ


USB 2.0 / USB 3.0

Operating systems

Windows xp / win7 / win8 / win10


CE / FCC / RoHS / REACH / HC certified


2 years warranty